Womens Hair Cut, Barnstaple

Frequently Asked Questions at The Hair Lounge in Barnstaple

Yes, and they are free! It’s highly recommended to have one if you are a new client, or you are wanting a change. This way we can ensure enough time to achieve what you want, receive a quote and ensure you have required colour patch tests.

Your health and well-being is paramount to me. Some people find they can’t develop an allergy to colour, even if they’ve been using the same one for years. This ensures less risk of reaction, which can cause hospitalisation.

I recommend pre-booking before you leave. Appointments can be moved if necessary. Colours and weekend appointments are usually around a 3+ week wait.

At The Hair Lounge a variety of Wella and Fudge is used for care and styling products. And Wella is used for colouring.

I request that due to the limited space that you do not bring an entourage with you. However in some instances if you speak to Tori, arrangements can be made.

Your non-refundable booking fee is deducted at point of sale. However if you miss your appointment or cancel with less that 24hours notice the booking fee is kept.

24 hours notice is required minimum. This way there is plenty of time to offer the appointment to someone on the waiting list.

Where possible please let the Salon know you are running late. Depending on how late the service may be rescheduled or changed for a shorter service.

If you are unhappy. Please inform the stylist as soon as possible, if it is within a week from your appointment your stylist will reschedule to make adjustments.

There is free parking.

When you spend over £10 during an appointment you receive a stamp. Once you collect 6 you receive 25% of your next appointment.

Womens Hair Cut, Barnstaple

The Hair Lounge was opened in May 2014 By Tori Kiff. Tori is a fully qualified hair stylist, with over 5 years experience working for salons in Barnstaple and North Devon. Tori is passionate about hairdressing and committed to providing an excellent service at reasonable prices, and so decided to open her own salon to fulfil her ambitions.

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We understand that sometimes late cancellations are unavoidable; however, we do ask for 24hrs notice if possible*.
Please note all cancellations must be telephoned through to The Hair Lounge on 01271 267177.
*If you give less than 24 hours’ notice you will be charged a 20% deposit to secure future appointments.

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