How to grow your hair: Tricks and Tips

How to grow your hair

Have you ever tried growing your hair for it to hit THAT length and never get any longer?

I think we all have been there at some point. I'm going to let you in to some little tricks that will help you get the length hair you've been pining for.

Cut Your Hair

First of all, get a hair cut. I know it sounds counterproductive but, if every 6-12 weeks you have your hair "dusted" it will maintain healthy ends and prevent any split ends travelling up the hair. People who have heavily coloured, lightened or use regular heat styling should go every 6 weeks. Those who don't 'abuse' their hair need to go less. Speak to your hairdresser to see how regular you should be getting your hair tidied.

Good Quality Products

You should use good quality products. Basically avoid supermarket or chemist bought products. If they were good, don't you think we would be using them in the salon? We aren't trying to make money out of you. We want you to have fabulous hair, because we love you looking and feeling great. Salon standard cleansing and styling products have higher quality ingredients which is far better for your hair. They very rarely contain silicones which coats the hair. Preventing moisture and protein to get in and nourish the hair. By buying from your stylist you are saving yourself from a headache. Isn't it overwhelming when you see all the different products available in the shops? Your stylist can recommend exactly what would suit your hair type.

Treat yourself.

Have regular treatments, either in salon or at home. Depending on your hair type and level of damage, this could be as regularly as once a week. Again, your stylist will recommend which treatment you should go for and how regularly.

Olaplex Treatments

You should also have Olaplex treatments. Olaplex is the only products that helps rebuild the internal structure of the hair. You can only have a full Olaplex treatment within the salon. But there is a take home No.3 which helps keep your hair in tip top condition.

Eat Healthy

Healthy eating is a massive one. Make sure you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, proteins and good fats. If you are putting rubbish in your body you can't expect beautiful hair, skin and nails. Some people take supplements, but if you are covering all your food groups healthily you shouldn't need these.

No Heat

Step away from your heat stylers. That's your straightening or curling irons and hairdryers. Try to restrict how often your are using them and use them at the lowest heat setting possible. Cloud Nine straightening irons temperatures start at 150 degrees and for most people I find this enough.

When washing your hair make sure you give yourself a little scalp massage. This increases blood flow which is great to promote hair growth. And it feels amazing, so why wouldn't you?!

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